Monday, January 9, 2012

And the Winner Is . . .

First off, thank you to everyone who entered for the drawing of Framed in Blood by Brett Halliday.  Special thanks goes to those poor souls who got baited into following the blog as a result.  For my first giveaway I’d say it went pretty well.

But all that crap isn’t what you want to hear about, is it?  You want to hear who won, and I’m going to tell you.  For those that might be curious, I selected the winner by assigning each entrant a number and using the random number generator over at to pick the lucky individual. It's the best random number generator I know of, and the fairest way I can think of to pick a name out of a hat, so to speak.  Not very sexy, I know, but there you go.

So without further adieu, the winner is…

Squeak from The Alaskan Bookie!

Congratulations to Squeak.  I’ll be contacting her to get her mailing address shortly.  If she does not respond within 48 hours I’ll select a new winner (though I’m pretty sure we won’t have to worry about that in this case).

Thanks again to all the other entrants.  I plan to be doing other giveaways in the future, so if you didn’t snag this one you’ll have plenty of other chances to win something else.  Make sure to check back here for future updates!  


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