Friday, January 20, 2012

I Fell Off the Wagon Again

I have an addiction.  I call it bibliomania.  Every time I walk into a book store I have this near irresistible urge to buy everything I see.  I manage to keep it in check most of the time.  It’s actually been almost a year since I purchased a book for myself.  But this NetGalley thing… it’s trouble. 

NetGalley is the pusher standing just a mouse click away whispering sweet nothings into my ear.  “Ooh, look at this one,” he says.  “Doesn’t it look awesome?  You know you want to try it.  Here, I’ll give it to you for free.”  I resist as long as I can until the temptation is too great, but eventually my will is eroded to the point that my pent-up desires burst forth and I gorge myself on the ebook goodness.

So yeah, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I recently signed up to review a mess of new galleys.  I tried to be discerning about what I picked, but, well… you know how it goes.  One thing leads to another and suddenly you’ve got half a dozen new titles to review and not a bit more time to read them. 

Oh well.  Is what it is, I guess.  Here’s a run-down of the titles I picked up:

Nine for the Devil by Mary Reed and Eric Mayer  - Historical mystery set in Constantinople circa 548 involving the supposed murder of Empress Theodora.  Emperor Justinian assigns his Lord Chamberlain to find her murderer, and then off we go.

Budapest Noir by Vilmos Kondor – Another historical mystery, this one set in 1930s Budapest (hence the title).  It involves a crime reporter and an investigation and seedy underground crime syndicates.  Plus, it’s Noir.  Noir is like sunshine to the flower of my literary heart… or something like that.  If you put Noir in the title I’m about 200% more likely to pick up said book.  Dopey, I know.  We’ll see if this one actually fits the bill or if it’s just a marketing ploy.

Hurt Machine by Reed Farrel Coleman –It’s billed as a “Moe Prager Mystery,” but since I don’t know who that is, it means nothing to me.  It has PIs and a murder or two in it, so I’m willing to give it a shot. 

Seven Princes by John R. Fultz – This one is for Ruben.  It’s Fantasy, and there’s a general plot overview here, but I’m not sure what this title will hold.  I hope it’s good.  I hope it’s not your typical high fantasy drivel.  We’ll have to wait and see how it turns out.

Supernatural Noir edited by Ellen Datlow – Remember what I said about anything with Noir in the title?  Yeah, this is one of those.  It’s supposed to be a short story anthology of tales involving (what else?) both the supernatural and the Noir.  It could be genius, and it could be a turd sandwich.  I’m hoping for the former, but I’ll have to reserve my judgments until I get around to reading it.

David Goodis:  Five Noir Novels of the 1940s and 50s – Of all my new Galleys, this is the one I’m probably most excited about.  David Goodis is a highly regarded author of crime and noir fiction from (you guessed it) the 40s and 50s.  And wouldn’t you know it, that happens to be one of my favorite eras of mystery fiction. I was salivating the moment I saw the title. 

So that's the damage.  Lots of Noir, as if anyone should be surprise.  It’s anybody’s guess when I’ll get around to reading all of these.  I still had a couple other galleys I needed to read before I requested this mess, and now my “to read” stack is sitting just shy of 100 books.  Crazy, right?

Ah, but such is the burden of a book nerd, and I shoulder it happily.  If this is to be my lot in life, I’m going to do my best to enjoy the hell out of it.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing info about this website (and the titles you selected), I have chosen several to review for our newspaper.

    Do you happen to know of a similar website that offers audio titles?

    1. It's no problem at all, Ruth. Unfortunately, I don't know of anything similar for audio books. I get almost all of mine from the library. Though, I do hear that gives away free copies from time to time. I've never done it, so I can't tell you more than that. Good luck!

  2. We are absolutely kindred spirits! Once I am within several yards of any purveyor of books, I hear this faint buzzing in my ears and lose all powers of reason and logic.

    I can't believe you went almost an entire year without buying books! That is true willpower, my friend. I was proud of myself for going a couple weeks.

    This week, I fell of the wagon in an epic way.


    1. LOL, same here. Book shops--especially used ones with lots of old paperbacks--make me salivate uncontrollably. And yes, I did go a year without buying a book (it helps that my last binge was to the tune $160 at the greatest used bookstore in the history of mankind), but the key word there is buying. I still receive a crap-ton of books for free. That's probably the best thing about this book blogging thing.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Haha- but wasn't that purchase the best high? Seriously. What did you get? Are you reading anything fun right now?

    3. It was indeed. And then I immediately felt guilty for it. I guess that's what defines an addiction, huh?

      But I got a crap-ton of James Ellroy and quite a few Hard Case Crime, a buncha vintage mysteries, and a little bit of Glen Cook (fantasy) and a couple Cthulhu horror titles. I think overall I came away with forty-something books. Not a bad haul!

      What about you? What was your latest book binge?

  3. Hi Jonathan,
    Thanks for the tip on NetGalley I'll definately look into it.

    My novel continues to do well but not having an agent, I have to do the marketing myself. This Sat. I have an author signing at my local bookstore and next Tues. at a State agency where I do a lot of retirement work. I'm totally loving being an author and having people indicate that they enjoyed my novel. All the reviews on Amazon have been great. (Praise the Lord!).

  4. My family is Hungarian and I can speak it so Budapest Noir has me curious. I saw it at B&N but didn't buy it curious what you'll think of it so I may go out and snag it.Also just browsing your old posts as I found your blog only pretty recently, don't mind me stalking you.

    1. Funny story about that. Turns out I waited too long to download the book from Netgalley (the publisher approved me and everything). By the time I went back to get it, the.publisher had yanked it from the site. Poor me. No Hungarian noir. :(

      On a more positive note--I'm impressed about the Hungarian. Anytime someone can speak more than one language I'm amazed. And stalk away, pretty lady. Stalk away.

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