Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

I usually avoid internet memes like a dead skunk on the side of the road, but I’m making an exception this time.  Mary Beth over at Bibliophyte was nice enough to tag me in the Versatile Blogger Award, and I feel duty-bound to pass on the favor to someone else.  According to the rules, you’re supposed to list seven heretofore unknown facts about yourself and then tag five other people for the award. 

I’m not really sure what a “Versatile Blogger” is, but for my purposes I’m going to define it as a blogger who can:

  1. Post on a variety of subjects (or a variety of book genres, we’ll say) with equal skill and knowledge, and
  2. Make just about any post interesting regardless of the subject matter. 
So let’s get this show on the road.

Seven Strange Facts About Yours Truly

  1. I asked my wife to marry me two weeks after our first date (and she said yes, God help her).
  2. My preferred type of music is Metal. 
  3. I’m tall—really tall.  Six feet, six inches tall.  So tall my wife threatens to dress me up as the Jolly Green Giant each year for Halloween.
  4. I once drank 20 drinks in a single night.  I was drunk until 8 o’clock the next evening… which just happened to be the rehearsal dinner for our wedding.
  5. I tore my ACL playing high school football.
  6. Drowning worms (i.e. fishing) is one of my favorite pastimes.
  7. At 15 months my son has more game with the ladies than I ever did.  He flirts with every pretty girl he sees like a drunken frat boy.
 Versatile Blogger Award Winners

In no particular order…

  1. Zohar at Man of La Book – This guy’s always reading interesting stuff and posting very informative reviews (as well as other bookishly-themed content).
  2. Squeak at The Alaskan Bookie – She’s got an astounding level of output (book reviews) across a variety of genres.
  3. Virginia at Fine Whine – Versatility is the name of the game with this lady.  She can piss and moan about anything under the sun.  I hear she’s also a pretty good writer (though I’m really only kidding about the pissing and moaning part).
  4. Ruben at Ruben’s Art – He’s not a book blogger, but he’s a damn fine artist.  My jaw hits the floor every time I view at one of his posts.
  5. Becky at A Compilation Piece – Always good for a rant of universal proportions, I never miss a post.  She’s also my wife, so not missing a post is a matter of self preservation.
And that’s that.  Congratulations to all the winners.  See?  All those bribes (and sexual favors, in the case of my wife) paid off in the end after all.   


  1. Oh, this had me laughing hysterically from the start (even if I do feel sorry for the dead skunk). Without a doubt the best VBA post in the history of bloggerkind.

  2. Haha!

    I am honored and honestly flattered at your kind words. Thanks!

  3. Wow, thanks Jonathan! Chocolate and books...what's not to love! Now I just have to think up things that people don't know about me that I am willing to share. Hmmmmmmmmm

    P.S. I am glad you included the wife in the sexual favors and bribes portion, had me worried for a minute there. LoL

  4. @Ruben Ramos (Shadow Stalker)

    Not at all, man. It's well deserved.

    @Squeak Torres

    You're very welcome. I'll be eager to see what you come up with!

  5. What is this about an award? I have heard nothing about it. Is it just an award from you? I then thank you. I can out piss and moan the best of 'em. And today I found a little tiny program to disable caps lock so I have many reasons to be on cloud nine which I am occupying by myself at this moment.

  6. @Virginia Llorca

    Yeah, it's just an award from me. It's an excuse to post some filler on the blog, link to some other blogs, and get some brownie points.

    Save a spot for me up there--on Cloud 9, that is. :)

  7. I loved reading every one of your seven things. Gave me a good laugh! Thanks for sharing AND for visiting and commenting on my blog. Sometimes I even hear "Ok Lucy" come from my hubby's mouth!

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