Thursday, July 19, 2012

SSP Open House (or, Smorgasbord o' Free Books)

Today only (well, yesterday, too, but never you mind about that), Seventh Star Press is holding their SSP Open House event.  What's that mean to you and me?  It means that on 7/19/2012, they're offering up 8 titles by six different authors for FREE on Amazon.  These titles have been offered up at different intervals in the past, so if you missed one, now is a great time to snag the one that got away.  There's a lot of great stuff, too--epic fantasy, horror, YA fantasy, urban fantasy.   If speculative fiction is your bag, then you'll love this.

The titles available with direct links to their Kindle pages are:
The Brotherhood of Dwarves (Book One of the Brotherhood of Dwarves Series.
Genre: Y.A. Fantasy
Author: D.A. Adams

Angelkiller  (Book One of the Angelkiller Triad)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Author: H. David Blalock

Redheart  (Book One of the Leland Dragon Series)
Genre: Y.A. Fantasy
Author: Jackie Gamber

Overkill (An adventure of Gorias La Gaul
Genre: Sword and Sorcery
Author: Steven Shrewsbury

Cinema of Shadows (A Harmony, Indiana Novel)
Genre: Horror
Author: Michael West

Poseidon’s Children (Book One of the Legacy of the Gods Series)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Author: Michael West

Crown of Vengeance (Book One of the Fires in Eden Series)
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Author: Stephen Zimmer

The Exodus Gate (Book One of the Rising Dawn Saga)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Author: Stephen Zimmer