Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mailbox Monday – April 1, 2013

Mailbox Monday is a weekly meme started by Marcia at Mailbox Monday in which bloggers can ramble on about the books they received/bought/stole over a given week.  Each month a new blogger hosts the meme, and this month it’s Mari at MariReads.

Mailbox Monday is a bit late again this week.  I blame it on last week’s California business trip/vacation and the mad rush of preparing to close on the sale of our house (whoopee!).  We’re also trying a different format for book listings this week.  You can reach the Amazon listing just by clicking on the book covers.  The rest of it streamlines the info a bit better, I think.  Papa like.  If you get a minute, let us know what you think, too. 

And now, on to the books!

--- The Books ---

TitleThe Women Gather
Author:  Katalin Kennedy
PublisherBaico Publishing
Genre(s):  Women’s Lit, Science Fiction
About the Book:  Nora, founder of the Norean Order of women in Lemuria, Ontario, plans for the “Gathering” symposium of 2066 where women from sanctuaries around the world will convene to open the Portal to the Outerworld.  At the same time, Aideen, a young girl new to the order, unravels layers of stories in letters and articles and diaries to lay bare the history of Nora’s family a mystical something that no one wants to acknowledge.  Dave shackl
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TitleThe Maze
Author:  Virginia Llorca
Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services
Genre(s):  Romance, Contemporary Womens’ Fiction
About the Book:  After getting her education and career priorities in order, Maisie feels compelled to find a companion and start a family.  Pressured to make a choice, she leaves to find solitude at the family’s villa in Italy where she can regroup.  The least likely candidate shows up at the right time and settles the issue for her.  But things never run that smoothly for redheads…
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Title:  Sacred Sin
Author:  Virginia Llorca
Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services
Genre(s):  Romance, Contemporary Womens’ Fiction
About the Book:  After her first marriage fails, Jenny wants to concentrate on her education and career, but “that guy” walks into her life when she least expects it, and this guy means business.  Will her new relationship survive when Jenny proves unable or unwilling to give up a life long relationship that is more than friendly?
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TitleHealing the Sacred Divide: Making Peace with Ourselves, Each Other, and the World
Author:  Jean Benedict Raffa
PublisherLarson Publications
Genre(s):  Self Help, Feminist Theory, Religion
About the Book:  An exploration of common ways of thinking about God and the fundamental dualities such as masculine/feminine, good/evil, relationship/individuality, heart/head, subjectivity/objectivity, experience/belief, mystery/clarity, etc. and how humanity’s noblest dreams can be made reality by honoring both sides of the masculine/feminine dichotomy equally.
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TitleThe Warrior Who Carried Life
Author:  Geoff Ryman
Publisher:  Chizine Publications
Genre(s):  Fantasy
About the Book:  Only men are allowed into the wells of vision, but Cara’s mother defies this edict and is killed—but not without returning with a vision of terrible and wonderful things to come.  Years later, evil destroys the rest of Cara’s family.  Using magic, Cara transforms herself into a male warrior, but finds that, to break the cycle of violence, she must break it, not continue it.  As Cara’s mother’s vision is fulfilled, a quest for revenge becomes a quest for eternal life.

TitleVirtualization Security:  Protecting Virtualized Environments
Author:  Dave Shackleford
Genre(s):  IT Administration & Security
About the Book:  Dave Shackleford, security consultant and instructor at the IT security training organization SANS, lays out the ins and outs of security for the virtualization technology that makes private and public “clouds” possible.  Yes, I actually want to read this, and yes, I (Jonathan) am a huge freaking geek on multiple levels.  Oh well.


  1. Whoa!! Nice!! Thanks!! On Amazon for Kindle also.

  2. Great variety this week. I made the mistake of going to a used book store this morning. It was hard to pass up all of those deals. 50 cents for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was tough to ignore. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get to it eventually. Hope everything is well on your end.


  3. Hi Jonathan,congrats on selling! The Maze sounds good. I like the Italy setting. Happy reading ;)


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