Monday, July 22, 2013

Mailbox Monday – July 22, 2013

Mailbox Monday is a weekly meme started by Marcia at Mailbox Monday in which bloggers can ramble on about the books they received/bought/stole over a given week.  Each month a new blogger hosts the meme, and this month it’s Tasha at Book Obsessed.

--- The Books ---

Title: Harkness
Author:  Michael Bigham
Publisher: Muskrat Press
Genre(s):  mystery/crime, historical fiction
About the BookHarkness isn't your typical Western sheriff. Cowboy boots make his arches ache, he's got a serious case of horse-phobia, and his faithful companion, Addison, is a wiener dog. It's 1952 in the Oregon High Desert, and until now, the worst crime Harkness has had to contend with is two cowboys playing quickdraw in an alley behind a bar. His easygoing life explodes when a star-crossed teenage couple disappears, sparking an investigation that threatens to expose the slimy underbelly the lurks beneath his small town, Barnesville. 
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Title: The Narrows
Author:  Michael Connelly
Genre(s):  mystery/crime
About the BookFBI agent Rachel Walling finally gets the call she's dreaded for years, the one that tells her the serial killer “the Poet” has surfaced. Former LAPD detective Harry Bosch gets a call, too--from the widow of an old friend. Her husband's death seems natural, but his ties to the hunt for the Poet make Bosch dig deep. Bosch soon joins forces with Rachel, at odds with the FBI and squarely in the path of the Poet, who will lead them on a wicked ride out of the heat, through the narrows of evil, and into a darkness all his own.
Relevant Links: author webpage, Wikipedia page

Title: Losing Touch
Author:  Christian A. Larsen
Publisher: Post Mortem Press
Genre(s):  horror, sci-fi
About the BookMorgan Dunsmore feels like everything is out of reach - a paying job, a healthy marriage, and even a good bowel movement. Complicated by his wife's recent back surgery, Morgan tries to protect his wife and kids from his anxieties, not to mention their financial burdens, but that just pushes them away even further.  And in the middle of it all, he starts to lose his tangibility.  He may be able to walk through walls, but that ability comes with a price.  He has to learn not just how to control it, but how to use it without anyone finding out.  And the temptations are endless.  When he succumbs to the first, the rest begin to fall like dominos. 
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Author:  Marie Maiden
Genre(s):  religion, self-help, christianity
About the BookYou Cannot Find Peace Until You Find All The Pieces tells the story of how God through Jesus Christ transformed the author’s life and gave her the strength to overcome a less than desirable childhood, the regrets of becoming a teen mother, anger, immaturity, poor decision making and a really bad attitude.
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Title: Plan X
Author:  Rory Tate
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre(s):  thriller
About the Book:  It should have been simple, this finding the next-of-kin. But for Officer Cody Byrne the explosion that injures the Shakespeare professor is more than suspicious. So begins the unraveling of a man's life, a man's secrets, his loves and birthright, as Cody follows his trail to Washington, DC, then London, trying to glean something of his shadowed past from the Renaissance documents he left behind. It begins in Montana, but soon takes her on a global journey, as well as a psychological one as she struggles with her own PTSD and the family she hardly knows.
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Author:  Malcolm McPherson
Publisher: Dell
Genre(s):  military
About the BookAfghanistan, March 2002. In the early morning darkness on a frigid mountaintop, a U.S. soldier is stranded, alone, surrounded by fanatical al Qaeda fighters. For the man’s fellow Navy SEALs, and for waiting teams of Army Rangers, there was only one rule now: leave no one behind. In this gripping you-are-there account–based on stunning eyewitness testimony and painstaking research–journalist Malcolm MacPherson thrusts us into a drama of rescue, tragedy, and valor in a place that would be known as ROBERTS RIDGE.
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Author:  David Nickle
Genre(s):  horror
About the BookWhen Ann LeSage was a little girl, she had an invisible friend—a poltergeist, that spoke to her with flying knives and howling winds. She called it the Insect. And with a little professional help, she contained it. And the nightmare was over, at least for a time. But the nightmare never truly ended. As Ann grew from girl into young woman, the Insect grew with her. It became more than terrifying. It became a thing of murder. Now, as she embarks on a new life married to successful young lawyer, Ann believes that she finally has the Insect under control. But there are others vying to take that control away from her. They are the ’Geisters. And in pursuing their own perverse dream, they risk spawning the most terrible nightmare of all.
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Title: Run
Author:  Alan Porter
Publisher: Eyelevel Books
Genre(s):  horror
About the Book:  Daniel Ang lives to run, so when a freak accident leaves him in a wheelchair, he thinks his life is over.  He fights against his injury, against the creatures that did this to him, and against life itself.  What he doesn’t realize is that the real enemy is not out there at all.  It’s inside him, and crippling his body is only the beginning.  Run is a story of one man’s descent into madness as he loses everything he once held dear.  Forced to return time and again to the abandoned farm at the center of his nightmares, his life spirals out of control and begins to threaten everyone with whom he comes into contact.
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Author:  Robert J. Ray
Publisher: Camel Press
Genre(s):  mystery/crime
About the BookWeary but wise private-eye Matt Murdock is back, and he has met his match--a vital and attractive writer and cop's daughter, Helene Steinbeck. Helene is hiking in the hills of Taos when she happens upon the corpse of a young woman downed by an arrow. Murdock appears on the horizon just in time to prevent a team of archers from using Helene as target practice. Murdock has been scouring Angel Mountain and vicinity for evidence that will help him discover the whereabouts of Barbi Bellini, the missing daughter of a friend.
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Title: In His Stead
Author:  Judith Sanders
Publisher: IronWord Press
Genre(s):  literary fiction, military
About the BookRetired Army Ranger Thomas Lane once burned for the taste of gunpowder and the thrill of the battle. But as he struggles to cope with his own PTSD and the death of his eldest son, killed by an IED in Afghanistan, Lane learns that the beast called war demands more.  Now the National Guard is calling on Lane’s youngest son to serve. Consumed with sorrow, Lane knows he will do anything to save his child—even if it means going in his place, a pursuit unheard of since the Civil War when slaves were sent in place of their masters.
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And now that we’ve shown you ours, it’s time to show us yours.  What did you get in your mailbox this week?


  1. Lots of intriguing titles! Losing Touch has such a fascinating cover, too, and it sounds like a a great read. Enjoy your new books!

  2. Harkness, You Cannot Find Peace, & Run sound really good! Hope you enjoy all your books!
    Here's My Mailbox Monday

  3. Love Michael Connelly....ENJOY all your books.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday

  4. Happy reading Jonathan and crew :) The Michael Connelly book looks very good.

  5. Great reviews..M enjoying reading..Great information..!!
    Best Book quotes

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